Established in 2013, Afro Technology and Logistics emerged as the brainchild of a highly ambitious and pragmatic individual. Even at the tender age of under twenty-five, this visionary young entrepreneur embarked on a journey to bring his dream to life by founding the company.

Since then Afro Technology and Logistics has been the fastest growing, reputable and dynamic technological and logistical solutions provider in Sierra Leone. Being well equipped with the appropriate machinery needed for each and every service we offer, we, with all pleasure dispense our enthusiasm, passion and professional skills, as a formidable team. We are wholly dedicated to making sure that our clients are more than satisfied, but they are gaining more than their required expectations from our service delivery.

Afro Technology and Logistics has still been working closely with its first clients over the years improving the service provided constantly. Our dedication to our oldest partners clearly shows that we have been efficiently executing our mission, as we are slowly but surely accomplishing our vision everyday.


Our Services

ATM Maintenance

Web Design & Development

Computer Maintenance & Security

Software Design & Development


Fire Alarm Installation

Digital & Print Graphics Deisgn

I.T. Support
& Training

GPS Tracking and Monitoring

What makes
us Unique

Afro Technology and Logistics have a formidable team of vibrant youths, consisting of software and hardware engineers, data analysts, and logistics, finance, marketing, and communication specialists, who are certified professionals in their respective areas of expertise. However, we’re open-minded and always ready to welcome new ideas and learn new things, because our job is a very practical one. We take long-term relationships with our clients as our most important priority. We as a team are always willing to make sacrifices that yield quality delivery for the satisfaction of our clients. Quality is what we pursue everyday growing and learning everyday.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you take your business to the next level and achieve your goals.

Our clients