If it's valuable we can track it

GPS Tracking &Monitoring

If it's valuable we can track it

A Global Leader in Integrated GPS Tracking Solutions Established in 2013, Afro Technology & Logistics (ATL) holds a strong market position in Commercial Location Based Services in strategic markets, products, and applications.

Afro Technology & Logistics has built a reputation for developing innovative software tools that are uniquely combined with its proprietary commercial GPS hardware and firmware to help businesses monitor, protect, and optimize mobile assets in an increasingly machine-to-machine world.

GPS Tracking for Vehicles

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Afro Technology & Logistics GPS Vehicle Tracking Service helps large organizations, small business and individuals manage and optimize vehicle fleets including cars, vans, buses, tricycles, and generator fuel. This data and monitoring allows you control over your assets. It also allows you to track your fleet and monitor its usage in REAL TIME from anywhere, giving full access via our web-based application interface: Your Vehicle Tracking Report

AT&L’S wide range of GPS vehicle tracking devices is built to track all vehicles from cars,
trucks, bikes depending on clients’ requirements

AT&L’S GPS Vehicle tracking devices makes it absolutely easy to monitor and track fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world and at any time. This is possible as our devices are built to record activities of your vehicles as they happen even in locations without access to internet.

Thanks to our 24-hour control room that monitors vehicles that have our GPS tracking devices installed we will be able to provide accurate monthly reports on the activities of monitored vehicles
including speed, mileage, door-open/door-close and location, temperature and alerts.

AT&L Technical team comprise of well trained, experienced and tech professionals. The teams
carry out all GPS device installation in a client’s vehicles. They also be train designated officers on
how to use our web interface and provide round the clock assistance when, where and as needed.

All products have one-year warranty.
AT&L has a standard call-out procedure for each system installed with 2-hour service. AT&L
endeavor to respond telephonically within the hour and on site within 2 hours of being notified.
Qualified and trained technicians would respond to the specific project with the necessary tools and
stock to attend to the faults), should the system require additional spares, these would be obtained
within the shortest time required.