Fire Alarm Installation

We specialize in the installation, repair & maintenance of fire protection equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors

Afro Technology & Logistics long history of exceptional service and responsiveness that  provides you with a simple installation experience. We provide follow through and follow up to ensure that your fire alarm system installation provides you with the peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable service partner.

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When we say we offer layers of protection, we mean we offer a range of products that will help protect your industrial site. Our base level of products are the alarm and detectors that will ensure no fire goes unnoticed

The Right Options

Finding the right fit for you and your property is our highest priority. We offer multiple layers to make sure you have the right options to afford you the right protection at the price that fits your budget.

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The Services we offer

The call point is a small box mounted on the wall where everyone can easily see it and raise the alarm in the event of a fire. When selecting a call point as part of your system you will want to make sure it is CE RoHS and EMC compliant and that it is independently tested.

You will also want to look out for the little things, such as an alert if the battery ever ran low or plug and play installations that will make your life much easier.

Wireless Smoke alarms can work in synergy with call points and other wireless units. We are often asked, “are wireless smoke alarms reliable?”. They are ideal for fast flaming fires and since they trigger an alarm when there is smoke they are forindoor use only. They are designed to be ceiling mounted and so this will play into your decision when building your system.

This is the ideal complement to a fire alarm system that relies on a lot of manual call points. Since they use heat to trigger the alarm they are suitable for indoor use only. It is worth remembering that technically, heat detectors and heat alarms are different. Not many detectors will actually sound when triggered, instead, they send the instruction to specialised units to alert the whole building.

We don’t need to stress the importance of these types of alarms. They are responsible for alerting people to the danger and starting the process of evacuating the site safely. The best alarms of this type combine both high decibel sounds and bright LED strobe lights. Not only does this combination do a better job of alerting people but it means those who are visually or hearing impaired can receive the same early warning.


A first aid alarm is very different in its use to a fire alarm. For one thing, the whole building does not often need to be evacuated when a call for first aid goes out. Having a sympathetic fire alarm system that allows for more than one type of alarm is a bonus and should be considered when planning for any installation.

Being alerted via text message or similar means when an alarm is triggered as well as being able to shut it off with a simple text response you can also look into the analytics of your site stats. such as battery lows, the signal strength of devices, and how many alarms the site has had.