The Elixir Signage & Advert Management is a Freetown City Council project being executed by Elixir Marketing & Media and aims at regulating and controlling outdoor advertising and signage displays in Freetown through effective signage and outdoor advertisement regulation(s).

Elxir Marketing & Media has embarked on the implementation of this project in order to ensure that all facets of the City’s streetscape, including, signage of all forms, outdoor advertising, and street furniture within Freetown are up to standard.

Freetown remains the nation's economic nerve centre with numerous businesses. With such diversity, it has become a socio-cultural melting pot attracting both Sierra Leoneans and foreigners alike. As such, the ESAM project will be constantly promoting ultramodern advertising formats that are allowable within the scope of our regulatory framework.

This project will enable the Freetown City Council to showcase permissible advertising formats that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. As a result, ESAM will be used as tool to target and encourage unique advertising formats on the streetscapes of Freetown.

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